Bob Long - Wedding Photography

Photography is my passion and fortunately it has been the major factor in my working life.

Sometimes during your wedding day you might not even know I am there, but I am always taking photos. When I am not photographing the traditional moments of the day, for example coming down the aisle, the ceremony, the speeches, cutting the cake, the first dance, setting up family groups and romantic portraits and so on; I am sneaking around taking natural photos of you, your family and guests, having a great time.

Over my lifetime I have worked in very different styles of professional photography, from the highly technical, through photojournalism for publication, to book covers and theatre posters. I have a 1st class honours degree in photography, and my work has been exhibited in The Half Moon Gallery, The Whitechapel Art Gallery and The Photographers’ Gallery.

I also had a one-man touring exhibition, shown throughout the UK and Russia. I bring all this experience and set of skills to every wedding I photograph.

After hundreds of weddings I now devote my working life exclusively to wedding photography because it has all the creative diversity a photographer could wish for.

It also has the added pleasure for me of having direct contact with you, the client and making something important that pleases and surprises you, because I never forget that although it might be another working day for me, for you it is the biggest day of your life.

You can see photos of my most recent weddings on my facebook page.